El Camino Bound Sept 11

We are going to breakfast at Carol’s Restaurant and then on to the airport. One last goodbye hug to Leo and our flight leaves Mpls for Newark at 12:53. A 3 hour layover at Newark and on to Madrid arriving about 10 AM. Tuesday, Madrid time. Madrid and Leon are 7 hours ahead of our time zone, so 3 A.M. my time. We then take the train to Leon.

We are leaving with anticipation of meeting up with cousin Chris and friend Mary in Newark for the next leg then Jonathan in Leon.

We had a great sendoff yesterday with kids and grandkids. Laura had buckets of leftover flowers from a wedding she had arranged the flowers for on Saturday. We all made bouquets. The living room is encircled with 9 bouquets of purple and orange flowers.

It has been fun to include all of you in the journey so far through this blog and putting into word all that is swirling inside. Thanks for listening and there will be more posts and photos along the way.

Please keep us in thought and prayer with your hands at our backs.



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